• New Elgydium Baby Chamomile  +6m, 30ml

Elgydium Baby Chamomile +6m, 30ml

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Brushing your teeth from an early age is important. The minimalist formula of ELGYDIUM Baby with chamomile water, without the fluorine content, contributes to the good oral hygiene of children. Proper brushing of baby teeth limits the accumulation of bacteria responsible for cavities, which attack baby teeth from a very early age.

Thanks to the reduced formation of foam and its low-abrasive formula, ELGYDIUM Baby is suitable for babies from 6 months of age - the period when the first teeth start to emerge - and for children up to 2 years of age. It is enough to put a pea-sized amount of the gel toothpaste on a suitable brush to gently clean baby teeth.

ELGYDIUM Baby paste can also be used by babies who cannot yet spit.


• NATURAL ORIGIN FORMULA with organic chamomile water

• SUITABLE for babies thanks to the non-abrasive and minimalist composition

• MAKES brushing EASIER by fighting bacteria build-up

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