SiderAL Drops 30ml + 1 Sachet 1.9gr Iron

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SiderAL Drops, like all SiderAL® family formulas, uses sucrose technology to transfer and deliver iron to the body.

Sucrose technology is based on the sucrose structure and its ability to pass the digestive system intact and to have high intestinal absorption.

- Significantly increases the absorption of iron
- Protects against side effects such as metallic taste, stomach pain, black stools, constipation and more.
- Easy to administer and pleasant to taste.

Use: 1-2 drops once a day, any time of the day with full or empty stomach Can be taken directly into the mouth or dissolved in half a glass of water or other liquid e.g. milk at room temperature

Open the bottle. CAUTION: do not throw away the lid
Empty the contents of the sachet into the bottle.
Put the lid on the bottle (do not use the dropper), close it tightly and leave for a minute.
Shake the bottle loudly.
After reconstitution, keep in refrigerator for one month

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