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Oppo 2840 Mid Thigh Compression STOCKINGS, CLASS 2, FEMALE, ll - size

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It is an opened toe mid-thigh compression stocking helps to protect the veins and improve the blood circulation to decrease vein disorder.


Mid-thigh compression stocking.


Circumference measuredirectly above ankle bone: 43-49 cm (16.8-19.25 inch).

Circumference measurearound the fullest part of the calf: 30-32 cm (11.75- 12.5 inch).

Measure the knee height: 40-45 cm (15.75-17.6 inch).

Model Number: 2840

Color: Beige 

Compression level:

Class 2: 23-32 mmHg.

Product features:

Made mainly from Lycra fiber that is high quality and high elastic so provide good recovery after use.

Instruction of use:

Widen the top of the compression stocking by holding it with both your hand one on each side.

Put the foot inside the brace and pull it up above the knee.

When to use:

If there is moderate to severe varicose vein.

Used after surgeries.

Edema and swollen leg especially in pregnancy.

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