Gum Set Paroex 0.06 Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Mouthwash

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Good oral hygiene is the best prevention against gingivitis and plaque build up. Brushing and flossing the teeth properly is essential for your dental care, but it is not enough.


GUM® Paroex® Daily Prevention toothpaste 0.06% is ideal to prevent dental plaque accumulation and provides long-term protection against gum problems.

It address the early signs of sensitive gums and gingivitis and prevent gumdisease recurrence. The addition of fluorideions (950 ppm) to toothpaste also helps keep the teeth strong and protect against decay.


Gum 491 Toothbrush Technique, Soft

Quad-Grip handle helps ensure the best brushing angle. Reaches below the Gumline and between teeth for optimal oral care. Interdental trim for effective plaque removal between teeth.


Gum Paroex Mouthwash, 300ml

If you want to have a correct oral hygiene and prevent infections such as gingivitis or the accumulation of bacterial plaque, we recommend that you use a mouthwash after brushing because sometimes it is not enough to just brush your teeth.

The GUM Paroex line mouthwash removes plaque build-up between the teeth, so you get a proper oral hygiene. Ideal for people with gum problems, especially if they have sensitive gums. Also recommended for wearers of orthodontics, implants, dentures or other types of prostheses.

Active ingredients:

  • 0.06% Chlorhexidine Diglutanate: Wide spectrum antiseptic with long-lasting effectiveness in removing dental plaque and preventing gum problems.
  • CPC (Cetylpyridinium Chloride): An antimicrobial agent that contributes to the elimination of toxins released by bacteria.

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