Emofluor GEL Intensive Care sensitive teeth, 75 ml

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Sensitive teeth (increased tooth sensitivity), inflamed gums, prevention of dental caries and tooth decay

The use of tin fluoride for the care of teeth and oral cavity is extremely effective. However, the stabilization of this fluoride compound in the oral hygiene product without inhibiting its biological activity is a complex task. It was solved thanks to the dental research of Dr. Wild, therefore, developed a tooth gel (intensive treatment) and toothpaste (daily use) containing stabilized tin fluoride.


Karyostatic effect on enamel and dentin

Plaque Prevention

Accumulation effect

Dentin tubule occlusion (hypersensitivity reduction)

Method of application: apply once a day, in the evening, with exacerbations several times a day, applied with your fingertips or with a toothbrush. Spit, but do not rinse.

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