Tilman Calmiderm Cream, 40g

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Tilman Calmiderm Creme 40gr

Shield from irritations and stings. Soothes the skin from stings, redness, abrasions, small burns, heat or cold.


Calmiderm cream soothes, soothes and protects the skin in case of irritation from abrasions, insect bites, cracking from the cold, the sun or from chemicals (eg detergents), while it does not contain parabens and pigments.

A unique cream, ideal for the summer season, where the skin is more exposed to the environment, but also all year round as it is suitable for adults and children.


Our contact with nature becomes more intense during the summer so the chances of irritation that can be caused by insects, warblers or plants increase. Calmiderm provides immediate relief from:

• insect and sting bites,

• irritations after contact with plants,

• Itching or other skin symptoms caused by allergies.

Calmiderm contains in its composition a unique combination of herbal agents, such as chamomile, lavender essential oil, calendula and menthol. Chamomile soothes the skin from irritation and swelling while offering anti-inflammatory action. Calendula works protectively and soothingly, in case of insect bites, warblers or plant irritation. Lavender essential oil soothes irritated skin and helps regenerate it. Nettle helps cleanse from toxins, while the moisturizing emulsion contained is suitable for dry and irritated skin. Finally, menthol offers a pleasant feeling of coolness.

Calmiderm is absorbed without leaving any traces of oiliness. It rejuvenates and offers hydration, giving elasticity, while at the same time it is suitable for dry and atopic skin. It has a pleasant aroma and leaves no stains. It is a multi-purpose cream, suitable for any season, ideal for children.


officinalis calendula tincture: 4% chamomile tincture: 4% Nettle: 2% lavender essential oil: 0.4% Benzoin tincture: 0.1% Menthol: 0.24%


Apply a thin layer of cream and let it soak in as quickly as possible after the bite. Avoid application near the eyes. Do not use on large wounds or severe burns.


Chamomile soothes and soothes the skin when it is red and swollen. Calendula has a protective, soothing effect. Nettle soothes itching and soothes burns. Lavender contributes to skin regeneration and has soothing properties. Menthol has a rejuvenating effect and reduces itching.

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