Curaprox Toothbrush CS1560 Sensitive Soft, 0.15mm

Soft Textured CUREN FilamentsIncredibly gentle and fineCS1560 Curaprox Sensitive Soft Toothbrush is for people who are more used to a slightly firmer toothbrush..


Curaprox Cs3960 Super Soft

The CURAPROX CS 3960 Super Soft Toothbrush is recommended for people with tooth enamel sensitivity and periodontitis. 3960 super soft bristles with a thickness ..


Curaprox Sensitive Ultra Soft Toothbrush Swiss Premium Oral Care (CS5460)

Curaprox Sensitive Ultra Soft Toothbrush Swiss Premium Oral Care (CS5460)Ultra Soft Textured CUREN FilamentsIncredibly gentle and fineOffers unparalleled gentle..


Curaprox DF834 Dental Floss, 50m

Waxed dental floss with mint flavour. This dental floss slides perfectly through the contact points between the teeth. Its wax coating makes for easy control. 5..


Every person dreams of a beautiful smile, so in the modern world, many people wear braces. However, such orthodontic structures require additional and high-qual..


Curaprox DF967 Flosspic Dental Floss, 30 pcs

Curaprox Flosspic dental floss is a disposable plastic saw with an integrated interdental fiber and an excellent toothpick in one.It is often impossible without..


Curaprox 1009 Single Toothbrush

CS 1009 singleIs it really a toothbrush? Yes it is and there is no better way to take care of our teeth than to clean them one by one without any injury.Suitabl..


Curaprox Cps457 Pocket Set

This attractively designed and functional box for use at home or when travelling contains one ergonomically shaped plastic holder UHS 450 mini click and four CP..


Curaprox CURAKID 4260 baby toothbrush

Description: CURAPROX CURAkid CK4260 supersoft KID : ultra-fine bristles CUREN of the toothbrush head provide for a gentle, yet thorough cleaning. The head has ..


Curaprox Smart Ultrasoft Kids

Swiss dental hygiene specialists from the world-famous company Curaprox have developed a unique toothbrush that meets the needs of children and teenagers. The S..


Curaprox UHS 450 Mini-click

Professional universal holders for CPS interdental brushes, including IAP probe. Non-movable seat of CPS brushes. Especially suitable for frontal and lateral de..


Curaprox UHS 410 Mono

Holder for interdental brushes.Product features:Curaprox UHS 410 mono, aluminum holder for CPS interdental brushes, greenThe ergonomically shaped holder with tw..


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