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Uriage Depiderm SPF 50+ Anti-Brown Spots Daytime Care, 30ml

Corrects brown spots and evens the complexion. Its formula combining anti-brown spots, soothing and antioxidant active ingredients evens out pigmentation and al..


Uriage Deodorant Fresh Spray, 125ml

Uriage Deodorant Fresh Spray,125 ml is a deodorant adapted to sensitive skins, thanks to its high tolerance formula.Formulated with natural alum stone, mineral ..


Uriage Hyséac bi-stick 1g, 3 ml

URIAGE HYSEAC BI STICK ANTI IMPERFEZIONI LOCALIZZATE LOZIONE 3 ML STICK 1 GDue effetti complementari: 1) La lozione idro-alcoolica, arricchita con ingredienti c..


Uriage Bariederm Creme isolante Reparatrice, 75ml

Damaged, irritated skin subjected to chafing or everyday stresses (chemical products, detergents, clothes, weather conditions, swimming pool water).Hands, face,..


Uriage Deodorant Douceur B, Deodorant Roll-On Without Aluminum Traces, 50ml

 Antibacterial action. Inhibits enzymes responsible for increased sweating. Helps control body odors. Soothes and protects the skin barrier...


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Uriage Hyseac A.i., 40ml

URIAGE Hyséac AI Anti-blemish treatment Limits the spots and residual marks Oily skin with imperfections 40mlHYSÉAC AI care has an..


Uriage Thermal Water Hydrating Soothing and Protective Spray, 150ml

Uriage - Thermal Water Hydrating Soothing and Protective SprayUriage - Thermal Water Hydrating Soothing and Protective Spray is a daily facial and body care, su..


Uriage Eau Thermal Water, 50ml

Uriage thermal water of uriage moisturizing and soothing spray The Uriage Thermal Water is a water spa for daily use, real treatment based on trace elements and..


Uriage Pruriced Creme Apaisante, 100ml

Uriage Eau Thermale Pruriced Soothing Cream 100mlThe creamy high-tolerance texture leaves the skin immediately soothed while restoring all its comfort.Thanks to..


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Uriage Pruriced Gel Apaisante, 100ml

Uriage Pruriced Gel Thin Gel for local generalized itching 100mlsuitable forLOCAL generalized pruritus KISMO- Itching in the anal area- Itching in the vulvar ar..


Uriage Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover, 100ml

The waterproof eye makeup type is designed specifically for women with sensitive eyes. It allows you to quickly remove makeup from the most intense makeup.The c..


Uriage Hyseac Sos Cream, 15ml

Uriage Hyséac Sos Paste - Local Skin-Care 15g is the ideal treatment to target isolated spots in one gesture. This care in form of paste is specially formulated..


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