Apivita Cream Gel With Arnica, 40ml

Arnica is known for its property to reduce edema and improve microcirculation. Traditionally used for:bruises, swellings caused by falls, sprainsmuscular painre..


Apivita Essential Cedarwood

History teaches us that King Solomon's temple was built of cedarwood to symbolize power, nobility and integrity. Cedarwood is warm and invigorating, so it is an..


APIVITA Express beauty Gentle Cleansing Face Mask with Pink clay, 2 x 8ml

EXPRESS BEAUTY face mask with pink clay, the mildest clay rich in trace elements. Respects and cleanses even the most sensitive skin.Gently cleanses and reduces..


Apivita Cream Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is known for its beneficial action in treating the cold symptoms. Traditionally used for:relief from common coldfreeing the breathmuscle aches caused..


Apivita Express Beauty Face Mask grape, 2x8ml

The Apivita Express Beauty Grape face mask will pamper and treat your skin.features:restores skin elasticity and a feeling of comfortdeeply hydrates and intensi..


Apivita Express Beauty Face Mask pomegranate, 2x8ml

Apivita Express Revitalizing and Radiance Mask with Pomegranate89% natural ingredients.Concerns: Dull Skin, Radiance, Revitalization, Nourishment & Hydratio..


Apivita Intimate Foam Lady With Aloe And Propolis, 200ml

Water has been replaced by Injectable Organic Chamomile Gentle cleansing liquid for the hygiene of the sensitive area. It is indicated during menopause or ..


APIVITA Kids Conditioner with Rose & Honey, 150ml

Gentle Conditioner with rose and honey, calendula water, Geranium essential oil suitable for children and vitamin E that nourishes, moisturizes and untangles th..


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Apivita Kids Hair & Body Wash With Tangerine & Honey 250ml Bath & Shower

Apivita Eco Pack Kids Hair & Body Wash94% natural compositionGentle cleansing - Natural Hydration - Softness & ProtectionPractical Shampoo & Shower ..


Apivita Dental Kids Pomegran.& Propolis

Prevents plaque build-up with propolis, pomegranate and calendulaProtects against caries with propolis, fluoride 500ppm, calcium glycerophosphate and xylitolPre..


Apivita Essential Marjoram Organic

Marjoram was a favorite medicinal herb for ancient Greeks. It is said that Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, gave the herb its scent by just touching i..


Apivita Essential Sweet Home Orange, Cinnamon, Clove

This essential oil blend combines orange, cinnamon and clove essential oils to give your home a sweet and warm atmosphere!Orange essential oil has a warm, sweet..


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