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Rene Furterer Style Vegetal Mousse, 200ml

Rene Furterer Style Vegetal Mousse is a mousse for volume and hold with a natural effect.Gives structure and lasting hold.Approved by professional hair stylists..


Rene Furterer Complex 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate, 50ml

The essential first step for optimal scalp and hair health, this warming concentrate deeply cleanses and purifies the scalp to reveal naturally beauti..


Rene Furterer Gel Douche Hydratant, 200ml

Rene Furterer sunscreen protects our hair from the sun: It breaks the hair and makes it permeable. The color dazzles. -Chlorium: It reopens the color ..


Rene Furterer Solaire Women Shampoo, 200ml

Furterer Solaire Nourishing Repair Shampoo 200ml is a nourishing repair shampoo which suits to hair needs damaged by the sun, swimming, sand, etc.This shampoo i..


Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo, 200ml

One of Rene Furterer"s most popular products, Forticea Stimulating Shampoo is an excellent fortifying shampoo that you can use frequently, alongside and in betw..


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Rene Furterer Melaleuca Anti-Dandruff Ritual Shampoo For Oily/Flaky Scalp, 150ml

Hair Care by Rene FurtererNew & shipped direct from our warehouse.An anti-dandruff shampoo for oily & flaking scalpFormulated with Melaleuca essential o..


Rene Furterer Melaleuca Shampooing Pellic Seches, 150ml

Rene Furterer has chosen Melaleuca for you. Melalevka, also called the "tea tree", is based in Australia. From its narrow leaves is obtained the essential ..


René Furterer Triphasic VHT, 8 vials x 5.5ml

In times of transition, such as spring and autumn, partial loss of our hair is common. There's nothing to worry about if you use a hair treatment to invigo..


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Rene Furterer Fioravanti Shampoo Dull Hair, 200ml

This time-saving formula instantly detangles, neutralizes hard water and prevents shine-blocking particle deposits along the hair fiber giving hair an iridescen..


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Rene Furterer Fioravanti Dull Hair Extreme Shine, 250ml

Rene Furterer Fioravanti Dull Hair Extreme Shine has a higher concentration of natural ingredients for more shine and detangling with this new formula. The Anti..


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René Furterer Lissea Silky Smoothing Shampoo, 200 ml

The Lissea shampoo from Laboratoires René Furterer can be used daily on unruly and difficult to comb hair in order to clean it gen..


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Rene Furterer Lissea Leave-in Smoothing Fluid, 125ml

Formulated for frizzy, unruly hair, this nourishing leave-in fluid contains Alkekenge extract and Avocado oil to smooth strands, help protect against heat damag..


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