Philips Optichamber

The OptiChamber Diamond valved holding chamber is smaller than most conventional chambers. OptiChamber Diamond's intuitive design enhances medication delivery a..

€18.36 €22.95

Philips, Lite Touch, Medium Mask

Mask, Medium Mask for Philips OptiChamber..

€7.28 €9.10

Philips, Lite Touch Adult large Mask

Philips, Lite Touch Adult large Mask for Philips OptiChamber..

€7.28 €9.10

Philips, Lite Touch, Small 0-6 months Mask

Mask, Small 0-6 months Mask for Philips OptiChamber..

€7.28 €9.10

 Philips, Innospire Go Uk, Nebulizer

The InnoSpire Go portable mesh nebulizer is fast, effective and easy to use. It is designed to shorten treatment time, giving you or your child more time for th..

€200.00 €250.00

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Philips, Respironics Innospire, Elegance, Nebulizer

Power and style wrapped into one device. For use with your aerosol medications, InnoSpire Elegance, a short treatment nebulizer, has been designed to cope with ..

€98.50 €123.13

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