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DSD De Luxe 1.3 Peeling 200ml

The exfoliating treatment helps to deeply cleanse and rid the scalp of impurities and dead cells.Deep cleans the scalpSebum-regulating effectHelps eliminate dan..

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DSD De Luxe 4.2 Triple Action Conditioner 200ml

The conditioning treatment helps to improve, regenerate and protect the hair structure:Helps restructure the hair fiberPrevent hair lossSoothing the scalpProvid..

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DSD De Luxe 4.3 Keratin Treatment Mask 200ml

Double action mask helps prevent hair loss and improve its structure:Nourishes and regenerates the hair structureTones the scalpHair regains strength, shine, an..

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DSD DE LUXE 5.5 Steel and Silk Treatment Spray 100ml

The regenerating Steel and Silk spray is intended for careful and deep scalp and hair treatment.Provides a calming, anti-itching and moisturizing effect, freshe..

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DSD de Luxe 2.4 Dixidox Antidandruff Lotion 100ml

Anti-dandruff lotion DSD de Luxe 2.4 Dixidox Antidandruff Lotion to eliminate dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis 100 ml..

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DSD De Luxe 5.3 Silk & Steel Treatment Mask 200ml

Repairing mask for damaged hair that provides softness and improves hair resistance:Restores the hair fiber at the cuticle and cortex levelProtects hair from po..

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DSD De Luxe 5.1.1 Botox Like Hair Therapy Shampoo 200ml

Moisturizing shampoo for scalp and hair. It hydrates the hair fiber in-depth and provides it with essential nutrients:Restores the moisture levels of the hairRe..

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Dsd 5.2 Dixidox De Luxe And Silk Treatment,  200ml

Renewing balm with keratin Steel and Silk is designed to restore the structure of hair damaged by the adverse effects of environmental, thermal, chemical factor..

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Dsd 7.4 Opium Lotion, 10*10ml

7.4 Opium Lotion The lotion treats and prevents hair loss and helps stimulate hair growth. Strengthens and protects the hair follicle, promoting the growth..

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DSD De Luxe 4.4 Keratinn Treatment Lotion 10x10ml

Double action lotion helps to stop hair loss and improve the structure of damaged hair:Activates microcirculation and hair nutritionEffectively strengthens hair..

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DSD De Luxe 5.5.1 Instant Amino Energizer 10x10ml

The protective lotion for the scalp and hair is indicated to prevent itching, redness, and irritation associated with chemical treatments, such as dyeing, bleac..

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Dsd 3.4.4 Capixyl + Placenta Shockde Luxe Lotion, 100ml

CAPIXYL ™ + PLACENTA SHOCK DE LUXE LOTION helps prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, and normalize sebaceous secretion. Capixyl ™ is a patented complex consi..

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