Hair sun protection

Uriage Sun Bariesun Body and Hair Dry Oil Spray SPF 30, 200ml

Uriage Sun Bariesun Body Dry Oil Spray SPF 30, has been specifically formulated to protect sensitive skin against free radicals, ultraviolet rays..


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Rene Furterer Solaire Women Shampoo, 200ml

Furterer Solaire Nourishing Repair Shampoo 200ml is a nourishing repair shampoo which suits to hair needs damaged by the sun, swimming, sand, etc.This shampoo i..


René Furterer Solaire Sun Protection Hair Spray KPF50+, 100ml

René Furterer Solaire Sun Protection Hair Spray KPF50+Hydrated Hair and Natural ResultRené Furterer Solaire Spray with protection index of keratin KPF 50+ does ..


Collistar Sun Supertanning Moisturizing Oil Spray SPF 15, 200ml

A super-tanning and moisturizing dry oil to obtain a homogeneous and safe tan and keeps the skin soft and velvety.The SPF 15 Moisturizi..


Collistar Sun Supertanning Water Anti-Salt With Aloe Milk Spray, 400ml

The tanning water Collistar Anti-Salt With Aloe Milk Spray is moisturizing and contains aloe milk. The cult product has a pleasant texture a..


Collistar Sun Rebalancing After Sun Cream-Shampoo, 200ml

Sun, wind, sea, swimming pool: in summer the hair is attacked on various fronts and needs special care to remain healthy, strong and vital. For this reason Coll..


Collistar Sun Moisturizing After Sun Shampoo Shower-Shampoo, 400 ml

Neutral and ultra-delicate, this shower-shampoo gel softens the skin and makes the hair silky thanks to a special mix of emollient and restorative substances. I..


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