Apivita Dental Kids Pomegran.& Propolis

Prevents plaque build-up with propolis, pomegranate and calendulaProtects against caries with propolis, fluoride 500ppm, calcium glycerophosphate and xylitolPre..


Gum Set Paroex 0.06 Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Good oral hygiene is the best prevention against gingivitis and plaque build up. Brushing and flossing the teeth properly is essential for your dental care, b..



intermed CalmoDent GelIntensive care & reliefIntermed CalmoDent Gel is fluoride gel for the effective treatment of dental hypersensitivity, the sealing of d..


Chlorhexil f 0.1% Toothpaste, 100ml

Intermed Chlorhexil-F ToothpasteChlorhexil-F Toothpaste is fluoride toothpaste with antibacterial chlorhexidine. It offers daily care, effective anti-plaque, st..



MAIN CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITSElugel is a special care gel that helps maintain gum antisepsis after periodontal or implant surgery or extraction. It is als..


Emofluor GEL Intensive Care sensitive teeth, 75 ml

Sensitive teeth (increased tooth sensitivity), inflamed gums, prevention of dental caries and tooth decayThe use of tin fluoride for the care of teeth and oral ..


Gum Junior 7-12, 50ml

GUM Junior Fluoride Toothpaste 7-12 provides superior remineralization for advanded cavity prevention and protection against acid erosion.Its unique formulation..


Gum Paroex 0.12%, 75ml

GUM PAROEX tooth gel for short-term care (Content: 75 ml)The Formula Dual Action Antibacterial System contains:- Chlorhexidine digluconate, a professional ingre..


Gum Sensivital, 75ml

If you are experiencing dental pain when eating food or refreshments that are cold, hot, acidic or sweet, when brushing or breathing cold air, you may have toot..


Medinol Toothpaste fluoride, 100ml

Intermed Medinol ToothpasteEveryday relief & protectionIntermed Medinol Toothpaste is a mild antiseptic fluoride daily mouthwash for the effective and compl..


ELGYDIUM - PARODIUM Gel Gengival, 50ml

PARODIUM gel is recommended for topical use in case our gums bleed.It contains a unique combination of ingredients, Rheum Palmatum + Chlorhexidine, which helps ..


APIVITA Natural Dental Care BIO-ECO, Natural Protection Toothpaste with Fennel and Propolis, 75ml

Prevents plaque build-up with propolis, tea tree, eucalyptus and fennel essential oilsProtects against caries with propolis, tree, eucalyptus and fennel essenti..


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