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Apivita Dental Kids Pomegran.& Propolis

Prevents plaque build-up with propolis, pomegranate and calendulaProtects against caries with propolis, fluoride 500ppm, calcium glycerophosphate and xylitolPre..


Elgydium Mouthwash Junior Ice Age Red Berries, 500ml

Elgydium Junior Mouthwash Ice AgeOral Solution for children with red berry flavorELGYDIUM Junior oral solution helps protect teeth from tooth decay.It contains ..


Gum Junior 7-12, 50ml

GUM Junior Fluoride Toothpaste 7-12 provides superior remineralization for advanded cavity prevention and protection against acid erosion.Its unique formulation..


Gum Kids 2-6, 50ml

Fluorine Kids 2 to 6 years toothpaste gel promotes the remineralization of enamel, prevents cavities and protects teeth from acid plaques. Remineralizing, promo..


Oral B Disney Pixar Cars Kids Battery Toothbrush with Magic Timer, Soft

The Oral B baby brush helps children learn how to brush their teeth regularly in a fun way. Thanks to the nice color combination and the motif of the fairy-tale..


Elgydium Kids Banana Toothpaste 500ppm Fluoride Ion for Children with Banana Flavor, 50ml

Specialized Composition for the First Teeth of Children, Suitable for Age 2 to 6 YearsAnti-caries protection for children 2 to 6 years oldThe ELGYDIUM Kids toot..


Curaprox CURAKID 4260 baby toothbrush

Description: CURAPROX CURAkid CK4260 supersoft KID : ultra-fine bristles CUREN of the toothbrush head provide for a gentle, yet thorough cleaning. The head has ..


Curaprox Smart Ultrasoft Kids

Swiss dental hygiene specialists from the world-famous company Curaprox have developed a unique toothbrush that meets the needs of children and teenagers. The S..


MontCarotte Kids Toothgel Pure, 30ml

Dear Parents! We're all a little apprehensive about introducing new foods to our kids so as not to cause allergic reactions, especially when it comes to the ind..


MontCarotte Kids Toothgel Rose Pear, 30ml

Transparent children's tooth gel "Pink Pear" with a natural taste and smell of a pear from Piedmont with a fabulous pink tint. CONTAINS: XYLITOL, FLUORIDE, CALC..


MontCarotte Kids Toothgel Sweet Banana, 30ml

With the natural taste and smell of a sweet banana grown in a small plantation in Brazil, Sweet Banana Clear Tooth Gel is sure to become your little one's favor..


Montcarotte Kids Toothgel Green Apple, 30ml

Description Children's tooth gel "Green Apple"Green Apple Transparent Tooth Gel with the natural taste and smell of juicy apples grown in Trentino's organic orc..


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