Dr K&H Bellykid, 30ml

Stomach viruses, vomiting, diarrheaIt is very frustrating to see infants and children suffering from stomach pains, vomiting, and diarrhea. Drinking plenty of f..


Dr K&H Milkal, 30ml

Formulated from the common chasteberry plant. This plant is very well known and has been used throughout history to increase lactation and enrich mother’s milk...


Dr K&H Likokid, 30ml

The phenomenon of colic, gas and stomach pain in babies, is very common. The baby is usually in pain, crying, doubled over, and suffering, and is very difficult..


Dr K&H Chamokid, 30ml

There is no parent who is unfamiliar with teething. Teething begins between about 3-10 months of age and continues until age three.The first signs of teething a..


Dr K&H Snufokid, 30ml

As a mother, one of the most frustrating things is caring for a baby with a cold whose nose is stuffed, and who is waking frequently, snorting, and crying. With..


Dr K&H Krokid, 30ml

Many babies and children suffer from a buildup of mucus and are unable to expel it themselves. krokid  is formulated from the saffron plant. In homeopathic..


Dr K&H Respirokid, 30ml

For clear runny noses and strengthening the upper respiratory system at the beginning of a cold – Respirokid is formulated from the root of the onion ..


Dr K&H Tranqil, 30ml

Tranqil is formulated from the geranium plant, which is used in many cultures to relieve stress, tension, restlessness, and irritability, and helps one cope bet..


Dr K&h Vaccinokid, 30ml

As parents we always want to assure our children’s health. We can do so by strengthening their immune systems. vaccinokid is formulated from the astragalus plan..


Dr K&H Vermokid, 30ml

Vermokid is a formula made from walnut wood, which is known for its ability to treat pinworms. Many children and toddlers suffer from pinworms, a..


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Bioderma Atoderm Huile de Douche, 200ml

Ultra-nourishing anti-irritation shower oil specifically designed for dry, very dry to irritated sensitive skin. It cleanses the skin, restores lipids and sooth..

€14.00 €20.00

Bioderma Atoderm Inten. Gel Moussant, 200ml

Bioderma Atodermgel is best for atopic, very dry, irritated, peeling and rough skin types.Suitable for adults, children and babies.Its formula is odourless, so ..

€11.41 €16.30

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Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Ultra-Soothing Balm, 75ml

Atoderm Intensive Baume quickly stops itching and reduces the urge to scratch thanks to its anti-itching dermatological active ingredient PEA.Enriched with soot..

€9.94 €14.20

Bioderma Atoderm Levres Lip Stick, 4g

Bioderma Atoderm Lips Moisturising Stick 4g is specially formulated for the damaged and dessicated lips.It soothes and repairs the lips, and leaves them soft an..

€6.30 €9.00

Bioderma Atoderm Mains & Ongles Creme, 50ml

Regenerating and nutritive, Bioderma Atoderm Hands & Nails Repairing Cream 50ml regenerates the most damaged skins and quickly relieves the desiccated and f..

€5.95 €8.50

Bioderma Atoderm Preventive, 200ml

Characteristics Consistency cream Skin type dry to very dry, sensitive .Product description Bioderma Atoderm PréventiveBioderma Atoderm cares effectively for ch..

€17.49 €24.99