Nasal care

PHYSIOMER Unidoses Baby Sterile Solution For Nose and Eyes, 30x5ml

Give your newborn only the best from the beginning. Physiomer Ampoules Isotones! Physiomer Ampoules Isotones cleanse, moisturize and liberate the nasal cavities..


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Physiomer Nasal Hygiene Baby Micro Diffusion, 115ml

Physiomer Nasal Hygiene Baby Micro-Diffusion 115ml is indicated for cleansing your baby's noseeveryday, and thus reinforce defences of the nasal mucous membrane..


Physiomer Nasal Spray Hypertonic Eucaliptus, 135ml

Hypertonic nasal sprayWith sea water and eucalyptusRelieves in 3'Fluidizes and removes secretionsPhysiomer Hypertonic Eucalyptus is a seawater nasal spray with ..


Physiomer Nasal Spray Jet Fort, 210ml

Nasal Spray with 100% SeawaterSuitable for Children from 10 years & AdultsPhysiomer Fort nasal spray is a nasal solution with 100% natural sea water, for go..


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Physiomer Kids Nasal Spray Neo, 115ml

Decongests nasal mucosa by osmotic action. You can use it in case of blocked nose, cold or sinusitis, and also allergic rhinitis.Physiomer seawater is taken off..


Physiomer Nasal Spray Jet Normal, 135ml

Physiomer Nasal Spray Normal Jet for Kids 6+ ages, 135mlPhysiomer Nasal Hygiene Spray Normal 135ml care decreases the viscosity of mucus and facilitates its eli..



Stérimar Nasal Hygiene 100ml is a solution of 100% natural, filtrated isotonic seawater, preservative-free, which beneficiates from known properties of marine m..


Sterimar Prevention Nose Prone to Colds, 100ml

Stérimar Prevention Nose Prone to Colds 100ml is a physiological sea water solution having a concentration in salt similar to the organism cells.Filtered, 100% ..


Sterimar Blockes Nose Spray Hypertonic, 100ml

Stérimar "stuffy nose" is a hypertonic filtered seawater solution, 100% natural and free of preservatives. It is rich in marine trace elements, in particular co..


Sterimar allergy nasal spray, 100ml

The Stérimar allergic nose spray is a physiological solution for the whole family based on 100% natural microdiffused seawater and enriched with manganese, reco..



Medical device CE 0546, class IIa. Sterile hypertonic seawater solution, with a decongestant action on the nasal mucosa and fluidifying the mucus. Indicated for..


Tonimer Lab Hypertonic Nasal Spray, 125ml

Tonimer Lab Hypertonic Spray CE 0546Sterile hypertonic seawater solution, with a decongestant action on the nasal mucosa and fluidifying the mucus. Indicated fo..


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