Herbal topical creams

Antistax Fresh Leg Gel, 125ml

The beneficial ingredients Antistax are natural substances known as flavonoids from the leaf of red grape extract (Vitis Vinifera). Flavonoids can be produced b..


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Varixinal Gel, 75ml

Description: Varixinal gel is a natural product that supports you to walk with confidence anytime and anywhere. Since its first use, the fee..


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Legs Cool, 150ml

ERGOPHARM Legs Cool Gel For Massage In Tired Legs 150ml! It offers toning and well-being to tired legs from standing, increased body weight, obvious v..


A.vogel - Venagel, 100g

The Horse chestnut seeds used in Venagel are picked at their prime and used within 24 hours of harvesting to make this soothing gel.How to use Horse Chestnut Ve..


Erba Vita Venis Fredo, 150gr

To be used whenever you want to give a feeling of freshness and lightness to tired or heavy legs.Useful to relieve the sense of heaviness, swelling and fatigue ..


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Arnica Msm Plus, 100ml

Arnica Gel MSM Plus with Arnica and MSM cooling gel is the strongest combination of ingredients that nature has to offer.Arnica is a traditional herba..


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Swiss Quality Horse Balsam Sport Relax, 150 ml

Horse balsam Sport Relax is a herbal balm specially developed for the needs of active athletes. Its cooling effect helps profound relaxing of the muscles, ..


Biovenax, 200ml

Thanks to the synergy of its components, it is an excellent adjuvant for unsightly swelling in the legs and for good circulation of the lower limbs.Gives relief..


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A.vogel - Bioforce Herbal Skin Cream, 35g

A.vogel Bioforce Herbal Skin Cream (a replacement for Chamomile Cream), is a unique blend of herbs and oil in a natural base. St John’s Wort oil, crammed w..


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Tiande Slaviton, 125g

The Phytogel “Slaviton” series “Altai” Medicine is a very effective solution for treating and preventing the progression of varicose veins. The gel composi..


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